Fried Shrimp

Five pieces of shrimp coated in panko, then fried golden brown. Served with sweet Thai chili sauce

Salt ‘N Pepper Calamari

Lightly breaded and coated with salt, pepper, scallions, red bell pepper and cilantro, then wok-tossed until golden brown

Chinese Tacos

Wok-seared chicken and minced vegetables served with lettuce cups

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Four crispy outer shells stuffed with shredded vegetables


Eight meat filled dumplings pan fried to perfection

Crabmeat Wontons

Eight wonton wrappers stuffed with cream cheese and crab meat

N.Y. Eggrolls

Four thick crispy outer shell filled with shredded vegetables, BBQ pork and chicken

J’s Spareribs

Four tender ribs marinated in a five spice barbecue sauce
(Limited Quantity)

Shanghai Dumplings

Eight bite-sized dumplings filled with pork and juicy broth
***Contains peanuts***

Mu Shu

A tasty Chinese burrito! Eggs, scallions and vegetables, served with four thin crepes and hoisin sauce. Your choice of beef, chicken or pork

Chinese Kimchi

A sweet and tangy medley of crisp pickled cabbage, white radish, cauliflower, cucumbers and carrots

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